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Carpet Repairs Melbourne

Carpet Repairs and Restretching

Carpet Repairs Services

3 Eight Cleaning Restoration services:

  • Carpet bleach spots
  • Carpet seam repairs
  • Carpet burn repairs
  • Carpet stairs repairs
  • Carpet fraying repairs
  • Carpet loose repairs
  • Carpet patching
  • Carpet restretching.
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Carpet patching

Carpet patching is used for small areas of carpet repairs, such as: Carpet burns (iron burn, hot pot burns, cigarette burns), carpet stains, carpet bleach, we cut the damaged piece of carpet and replace it with a matching piece of carpet. If the matching carpet is not available We usually take pieces from hidden carpet locations such as closets, if you agree with it.

Carpet Restretching

We use power stretchers to fix your loose carpet and deal with problems such as ripping, wrinkling or bulging.